e+ and Cleanse Days are a perfect match.

e+ and Cleanse Days are a perfect match.

When people choose to cleanse, the No. 1 goal they have is to lose weight in a safe, healthy manner. An Isagenix system delivers with Cleanse Days that help the body detox and boost fat burning.

Only, sometimes folks have trouble in completing Cleanse Days. Their reasons can include feeling too hungry, tired, irritable, or having a lack of motivation and focus. That’s where e+™ natural energy shots can come in to make cleansing easier.

Feeling hungry? e+ ingredients can help curb cravings. How it does so has partly to do with the shot’s content of caffeine supplied by yerba mate and green tea. Growing evidence suggests caffeine is useful for reducing the desire to eat—for a limited amount of time—although it’s wise not to overdo it (1, 2). An added plus is that caffeine and green tea antioxidants can help stimulate thermogenesis, which could help you burn at least a few additional calories per day (3, 4).

Feeling tired? Partly due to caffeine content, but also the adaptogens, the shot helps wake cleansers up. Studies looking at adaptogens, such as eleuthero and rhodiola, find that they fight fatigue by helping to normalize the body’s response to stress (6-12). In this way, e+ gives cleansers sustained energy and keeps them from hitting the wall. The wall, in this case, might be a tempting bag of chips.

Not in the mood? e+ can help with that too. Addressing the problem with the combo of caffeine and adaptogens can help correct any feelings of stress or irritability (7, 8, 13, 14). No need to lash out against innocent bystanders on Cleanse Days. Instead, enjoy an e+ and share the shot with those good people.

Down on cleansing because of a lack of motivation or trouble concentrating? It might just be because of hunger. Being hungry brings on “brain fog”. The solution—you guessed it!—is a shot. Studies show that a little sugar (such as from e+’s natural juices) combined with caffeine and adaptogens can work together to help increase concentration (8, 10, 13, 14). Take a shot: think clearly on Cleanse Days.

Blood sugar lows? Having e+ handy for boosting blood sugar may not be a bad idea for some people. Low blood sugar may affect some people while on a Cleanse Day. To avoid an episode, the typical recommendation from doctors is to eat or drink something right away with quickly absorbed sugar in it like fruit or fruit juice. Those with hypoglycemia, severe hypoglycemia, or diabetes are advised to discuss their personal situations with their physicians before trying a Cleanse Day or any nutritional product.

But will e+ interfere with cleansing and what about the extra calories? Both these questions have come up in relation to e+’s use on Cleanse Days. For these reasons, Isagenix performed an in-house pilot trial. The results were that e+ did not interfere with the effectiveness of the Isagenix system. In fact, the subjects in the trial who used e+ showed a positive trend toward greater weight loss compared to those who didn’t use the product. In short, the benefits of the adaptogens and natural caffeine should eliminate any concern about the minor addition of calories on Cleanse Days.


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