Ever wonder if AMPED™ NOx would be a good addition to your daily routine, but haven’t tried it yet? Maybe you aren’t an athlete, or maybe you don’t know when to take it. Whatever your reason, we’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions to shed some light on how AMPED NOx is an easy addition to almost any Isagenix System.

What is AMPED NOx?

AMPED NOx is a pre-workout supplement comprised of nitrate-rich vegetable extracts like beetroot and celery and polyphenol-rich fruit extracts like grape and bilberry. Collectively, these ingredients support nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells so your muscles can function efficiently with reduced fatigue.

How does AMPED NOx help during a workout?

During exercise, there is a constant exchange of oxygen and nutrients being delivered to working muscles and waste products being transferred away. When oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood cannot keep up with the demand, fatigue sets in. AMPED NOx provides nitrate-rich vegetable extracts that support healthy blood flow while fighting fatigue.

If I don’t work out, can I still use AMPED NOx?

Though AMPED NOx was designed as a pre-workout product, it can also be taken daily. The ingredients in AMPED NOx have benefits for heart health and provide a nitric oxide boost for increased stamina and energy.

When do I use AMPED NOx?

AMPED NOx can be taken at any time during the day or night to support optimal athletic performance. Studies have shown that nitrate-rich vegetable extracts can support nitric oxide production and blood flow for up to 24 hours, reaching peak concentration approximately two to three hours after ingestion.

If I work out first thing in the morning, when should I take my AMPED NOx?

Don’t worry! You do not need to wake up in the middle of the night to make sure you time your AMPED NOx exactly two hours before your workout. You can take AMPED NOx before bed and still wake up ready for your workout. Or, if your exercise routine is long enough, you may still obtain exercise benefits by taking a shot of AMPED NOx immediately upon waking.

Should I take AMPED NOx at the same time every day?

AMPED NOx is most beneficial with consistent daily use.

How often can I consume AMPED NOx?

AMPED NOx should not be consumed more than twice a day.

Who is AMPED NOx recommended for?

AMPED NOx is recommended for individuals over the age of 12. Children under the age of 12, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and individuals with medical conditions should check with a healthcare professional before consuming.

Does AMPED NOx contain any stimulants?

No, there are no stimulant ingredients in AMPED NOx.

Can I combine AMPED NOx with other AMPED products?

Yes! As with the rest of the AMPED line, AMPED NOx is formulated to work synergistically with other AMPED products as a part of nutrient timing. For example, NOx can be combined with AMPED Power, which also supports nitric oxide production through different pathways using ingredients such as creatine and Nitrosigine®, or with AMPED Repair, featuring ingredients like curcumin, tart cherry, and astaxanthin to help muscles recover from exercise.

Can I use AMPED NOx on a Cleanse Day?

Yes, if exercising is a normal part of your Cleanse Days, then AMPED NOx can be used for additional support. With 30 calories per serving, it can be incorporated into your Cleanse Day schedule.

I always thought nitrates were bad. Is this true?

The health impacts of dietary nitrates depend on the source. Sodium nitrate is often added to processed meats as a preservative and has been linked to increased cardiovascular risk and other health concerns. Nitrates from processed meats are known to contribute to the formation of harmful compounds called nitrosamines, contributing to their negative health impacts.
Naturally occurring nitrates found in vegetables, such as the vegetable ingredients in AMPED NOx, have very different effects in the body. Vegetable-derived nitrate is converted to nitrite, a substance that promotes nitric oxide release and supports cardiovascular and athletic performance benefits. Unlike processed meat, nitrates from vegetables have a positive impact on health.