One of the unique and essential components of the scientifically validated Isagenix system is nutritional cleansing, the “star” of which is Cleanse for Life®. The antioxidant-rich botanical beverage helps support safe and effective detoxification on fat-burning Cleanse Days.

But how does Cleanse for Life work? To understand how Cleanse for Life supports detoxification, Isagenix Research and Science collaborated with cell biologists at the University of Colorado to determine how the bioactive components of Cleanse for Life influenced cell detoxification pathways. Recently, Isagenix Manager of Research and Science Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D., presented the results at the national Experimental Biology conference in Boston.

The scientists first observed that Cleanse for Life significantly reduced oxidative stress in cells incubated with toxic hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, Cleanse for Life increased the amount of key detoxification proteins. Exactly the type of thing you’d want to happen while you’re cleansing!

However, perhaps the most intriguing result from the study the scientists observed was what happened when cells were incubated with the toxic compound polychlorinated biphenyl-153 (PCB-153). This toxin was chosen specifically because of other earlier research that revealed that individuals losing weight on the Isagenix system had a significant increase in PCB-153 release from fat stores—the first step in detoxification.

“When cells were incubated with PCB-153, they died so quickly and looked so bad under the microscope that we weren’t really able to carry out the experiment as long as we normally do,” said University of Colorado scientist Gagan Deep, Ph.D. “However, when we added Cleanse for Life to the cells, they not only survived much longer, but microscopically you could also tell they were thriving and did not have the tell-tale signs of cellular and DNA damage.”

This research, which will be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, provides an additional driving force for investigating how Isagenix products and comprehensive systems function to improve health and wellbeing.

“While our focus is to conduct clinical studies to obtain evidence for health benefits of Isagenix products, sometimes there are good rationales for performing in vitro and cellular studies,” Dr. Gumpricht says. “This new study provides us an essential first step in identifying a mechanism explaining how Cleanse for Life may support antioxidant status and detoxification for individuals on Cleanse Days.”


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