Learn all you need to know about IsaLean Pro from Isagenix professional personal trainer Shane Freels

Who better to learn about the IsaLean Pro from than Shane Freels? An athlete himself and a personal trainer to hundreds of people over the years—including top professional athletes in the NFL and NBA—Shane was the perfect pick to sit down with and get to know some of the science behind IsaLean Pro, who its made for, and the successes he’s already seen with its use.

Q: How did the creation of IsaLean Pro come about?

A: Isagenix is consistently researching to ensure we create the best product—whether it’s the right ingredients, the right amounts, and the best formula for maximizing muscle growth, muscle retention, fat loss, and keeping the body sufficiently powered. IsaLean Pro is the result of that research and like everything else made by Isagenix, it delivers everything necessary for maintaining a healthy lean body.

Q: What’s some of the research behind IsaLean Pro?

A: There is a ton of research on the benefits of whey protein. For starters, studies have found that whey is a protein with a particularly high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAA), especially the amino acid leucine. Leucine, it turns out, is superior for muscle and strength-building when combined with an exercise program. In fact, recent studies show that significant gains in muscle and strength come from consuming high-quality protein, like whey, immediately after a workout. Research also shows that whey should be your top choice because it increases lean muscle mass and boosts fat-burning more than other proteins, such as soy. Retaining your muscle mass is a very important thing. Especially if you’re aging or trying to lose weight—both of which are associated with a loss in lean muscle mass. Sarcopenia, or the natural muscle loss that comes with aging, is an unfortunate reality for many aging adults. That’s why it’s so important to get more than adequate protein. Studies are showing that aging adults actually need more protein than normal adults to get the muscle-retaining benefits.

Q: Who else is IsaLean Pro for?

A: Great question, and really, it’s for anyone. Definitely athletes and people who need an increased amount of protein, like the aging adults I mentioned before. I know for myself, when I’m training two to three times a day, I simply need more protein for muscle recovery and growth. IsaLean Pro has 36 grams of protein, compared to 24 grams in the normal IsaLean Shake. Another group that IsaLean Pro can really help is people trying to lose weight who feel they’ve hit a “plateau” in their weight loss. Increasing protein can help boost satiety and increase thermogenesis, which increases metabolism and fat burning. This helps you lose that stubborn fat or fat around your middle that just won’t budge.

Q: So is IsaLean Pro just a high protein powder?

A: Oh no, not at all! IsaLean Pro is actually a combination of IsaLean Shake and IsaPro. So you get the nutrition of a complete meal replacement and the boost of a protein powerhouse. IsaLean Pro is still packed with the complete profile of vitamins and minerals; it just has more protein and slightly fewer carbs. It’s all about convenience, really. I used to combine the two, and carted my two canisters around with me everywhere. Now, I have the convenience of the mixing already being done for me in one packet, ready to go.

Q: So have you seen any results yet from taking IsaLean Pro?

A: Yes! I’m glad you asked. One of my clients came to me after doing another weight loss challenge with a different company. He had lost 10 pounds in about a 30-day period. I was then able to do hydrostatic testing on him, which is one of the most accurate ways to measure fat and lean muscle mass. The hydrostatic testing showed us that he had lost 10 pounds, but four pounds of that was lean muscle mass. Almost half the weight he lost was exactly what he really didn’t want to lose. I then had him do the Isagenix program, with IsaLean Pro, and after 30 days he had lost eight pounds. But guess what? Hydrostatic testing showed that he gained 4 pounds of muscle! Four pounds! This shows that it’s not always about weight loss; it’s about maintaining the correct body composition of fat to lean muscle mass for optimal health and continued weight maintenance. There is just no comparison to Isagenix for this, especially now, with the new IsaLean Pro.

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