The ability to recover from strenuous workouts is critical to anyone that exercises. Faster recovery means the ability to train more frequently and more intensely, resulting in greater performance gains. Whether you’re a runner looking to improve your marathon time or a figure athlete looking to tone your muscle, you want less soreness coupled with fully recovered muscles.

Athletes from all disciplines look for optimal performance in their sports. Building the appropriate amount of muscle and recovering from training are major concerns.

Following an intense training session, the body can move toward a catabolic state of muscle protein breakdown (1). This breakdown leads to micro-trauma in muscle cells and muscle soreness caused by increased tension force and muscle lengthening. The micro-trauma causes muscles cells to activate pain receptors for delayed recovery.

AMPED™ Recover is a post-workout recovery aid designed to help trigger muscle synthesis with branched-chain amino acids, L-carnitine, and other supporting amino acids. The drink triggers the cellular mechanisms for rebuilding proteins in muscle (2). The trigger is termed “mammalian target of rapamycin,” or mTOR for short, and once activated, can build muscle if the adequate dietary protein is available (2).

Branched-chain amino acids are present in the muscles at high levels and consist of three important amino acids: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. The hallmark of the AMPED Recover formula is the effective dose of L-leucine that has the ability to stimulate mTOR and stop muscle breakdown (2, 3). L-isoleucine helps the body absorb carbohydrates into cells and L-valine can be used as a readily available source of energy or building material (4-6). L-carnitine is involved in energy metabolism and mitochondrial protection that can support oxygen in muscle tissue and directly help in recovery after exercise (7-9).

By including IsaPro® or IsaLean® PRO Shake alongside AMPED Recover after your workout, you also supply all the amino acids needed from high-grade protein to build muscle tissue. For fast, quality muscle recovery, consume a serving of AMPED Recover and one to two scoops of IsaPro or a serving of IsaLean PRO Shake following your workout. They can be enjoyed apart or mixed together. If you decide to mix them, we suggest you use Vanilla IsaPro or IsaLean PRO Shake and blend with ice for a delicious post-workout shake.


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