An Isagenix Cleanse Day is a nutritionally supported intermittent fasting day that is designed to help you feel nourished and energized while supporting health and weight management goals. If you are new to Cleanse Days, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get started.

You’ll receive a step-by-step guide that walks you through both Cleanse Days and Shake Days, the two basic components of an Isagenix System.

Cleanse Days aren’t complicated, but they can seem a bit intimidating at first. The overall goal of a Cleanse Day is to significantly limit calories for a period of one day up to two consecutive days per week (a total of four days per month) while receiving nourishment from Cleanse for Life® and other Cleanse Day-approved snack options. Cleanse Days are about letting your body rest and recharge — there are no laxatives or diuretics involved.

Build Your Cleanse Day Schedule

Every Cleanse Day starts with essential products to help support your success, like Cleanse for Life, Ionix® Supreme, Natural Accelerator™, and IsaFlush®. You will also choose from Cleanse Day-approved snacks to help you manage cravings and provide steady energy while keeping calories very low.

Each Cleanse Day-approved snack option is assigned a value of 1, 2, or 3 Cleanse Credits per serving, depending on the options you choose. Select a combination of snacks that add up to 10 or fewer Cleanse Credits, and you’ll be right on target. The Cleanse Day Tracker included in your system guide can help you check off Cleanse Credits as you go.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Drink four deep cleanse servings of Cleanse for Life spaced evenly throughout the day: morning, noon, late afternoon, and evening.
  2. Drink one serving of Ionix Supreme to start your morning. If you normally take Complete Essentials™, IsaBiome™ Probiotics, or other supplements, include them on your Cleanse Day as you normally would on any other day.
  3. Take two Natural Accelerator capsules (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) and one to two IsaFlush capsules with 8 ounces of water before bedtime.
  4. Choose your snack options from the list of Cleanse Day-approved snacks below. Mix and match snacks that add up to a total of 10 Cleanse Credits or fewer. Spreading your snack options evenly throughout the day will help support steady energy.

In addition to Cleanse for Life and Cleanse Day-approved snacks, stay hydrated with your choice of calorie-free beverages, such as plain, unsweetened coffee or tea, herbal tea, and water, throughout the day. This sample Cleanse Day schedule is just one example of how you can organize your day.

Sample Cleanse Day Schedule

Early Morning

  • 1 serving Ionix Supreme
  • 1 cup Isagenix Coffee
  • 1 Natural Accelerator capsule


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 2 IsaDelight Super-Chocolates® (4 Credits)


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • 2 Isagenix Snacks™ (2 Credits)


  • 1 deep cleansing serving of Cleanse for Life
  • BĒA™ (1 Credit)


  • 1 packet of Harvest Thins™ (3 Credits)
  • 1 deep cleansing serving Cleanse for Life
  • 1-2 IsaFlush capsules

Total: 10 Cleanse Credits

Customizing Your Cleanse Day Experience

If you don’t feel ready to try a full day at first, there’s nothing wrong with gradually easing into Cleanse Days. For example, you might prefer to start out with a 12- or 16-hour mini cleanse as a way to experiment and see what works best for you. In this approach, you begin your day by following a Cleanse Day schedule and then break your fast in the late afternoon or evening with an IsaLean® Shake.

Another way to gradually ease into Cleanse Days might be to add a couple of extra snacks to your schedule, like a bag of Whey Thins™ or an extra IsaDelight Super-Chocolate. Especially when you are new to nutritional cleansing, relying on additional Cleanse Day-approved snacks can help you be successful. Just keep in mind that extra snacks add up quickly. Like any skill, cleansing gets better with practice, and before long, you’ll be planning your next Cleanse Day with confidence.

Cleanse Days are flexible, and as long as you keep the general guidelines in mind, you can tailor them to suit your personal preferences.