Over the course of the year, the Isagenix Research and Science team has committed to delivering evidence-based health, fitness, and product articles to help you reach your personal health goals, and coach others in doing the same.

In case you missed some of our posts in 2016, here is a list of some of our favorite topics like cleansing and the latest in regards to science and our products – just in time for 2017.

Top 5 Cleansing Articles

Cleansing is always a popular topic because of its unique role within an Isagenix System, whether it’s weight loss, energy, performance, or healthy aging.

To start your new year off on the right foot and equipped with the latest science, tips, and tools here are the top five cleansing articles of 2016.

  1. Should You Cleanse One or Two Days Per Week?
    A common concern that new or practiced cleansers have is whether one or two Cleanse Days will be more beneficial. The truth is, you can get great benefits with either option as long as you follow a few important guidelines designed to help you get the most out of your Cleanse Day.
  2. Nutritional Cleansing With Cleanse for Life
    Want to know more about Cleanse for Life and why it is such a critical part of a Cleanse Day? This article goes into the science behind why this product separates Cleanse Days from other intermittent fasting protocols.
  3. Whey Thins Now Approved for Cleanse Days
    Whey Thins™ satisfy the need for a savory crunch on your Cleanse Days as a new addition to the approved list of Cleanse Day tools. An original Cleanse Day protocol using only Isagenix Snacks™ might work for some, while having different options (including Whey Thins) works better for others. As long as you do not over-consume, you are on your way to making your Cleanse Day a success!
  4. Podcast: 5 Tips for Better Cleansing
    Having trouble sticking to a Cleanse Day? Isagenix Dietitian Lindsay Gnant explains her personal strategies to make Cleanse Days your favorite time of the week. With Lindsay’s tips in mind, you can conquer your Cleanse Days in the new year with ease.
  5. How Much Water Should You Drink on Cleanse Days?
    The amount of water each person needs to stay optimally hydrated varies and is affected by a variety of different factors. Not getting the proper amount of water can be very dangerous and is a cause for concern for many people, especially on Cleanse Days. So how do you know if you are staying well hydrated?

Top 4 Isagenix Science Articles

The past year was also big for Isagenix clinical research with the completion of four well-designed studies resulting in five publications that were all accepted into peer-reviewed journals. For more information on each study and the methods used, check out the following four articles.

  1. New Study Finds Isagenix Products Combined With Exercise Training Improve Physical Performance
    The findings of a new study found that physically active women who used Isagenix products while engaging in an exercise program enhanced their muscular endurance, strength, power, and cardiovascular health.
  2. Study Finds Isagenix Products Improve Men’s Athletic Performance
    A new study has found that when physically fit men used Isagenix products to boost their protein intake and improve their nutrition when training, they significantly enhanced their muscular power, strength, aerobic performance, and flexibility.
  3. Study: Product B IsaGenesis Supports Healthy Aging
    In the double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial, it was found that Product B® IsaGenesis® increased levels of the enzyme, catalase, in healthy adults who had been taking the plant-based nutraceutical for 12 weeks.
  4. Isagenix Improves Body Composition During Weight Loss and Long-Term Weight Maintenance
    When used as part of a system combining Shake Days and Cleanse Days, Isagenix products improve body composition and contribute to better heart health during weight loss. They also offer better long-term weight maintenance compared to traditional heart-healthy dieting.

The Isagenix commitment to scientific research is one of the defining factors. The continued investment in partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories in funding and conducting clinical studies is so important, because it contributes to evidence-based research while providing scientific substantiation for Isagenix Systems.

In addition, it’s important to us to continue reporting on the latest advancements into nutritional science and research for your continued benefit. For this purpose, we are renewing our commitment to providing you with articles all throughout the next year.

Stay tuned for more from IsagenixHealth.net in 2017!