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Our Commitment

The Isagenix commitment to scientific research that adds to the understanding of the relationship between diet, nutrition, and health is one of the factors that sets the company apart.

By partnering with well-respected universities and laboratories in funding and conducting clinical studies, Isagenix is contributing to evidence-based nutrition research while providing clinical substantiation for Isagenix Systems for healthy weight loss and wholesome living.

Since its inception, Isagenix has led with science-backed products, and now will continue to put Isagenix products to the test in discovering how they can benefit lasting health.

Key Research Contributors

University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois at Chicago Weight Loss Study

The Study

Intermittent fasting combined with calorie restriction is effective for weight loss and cardio-protection in obese women

“The bottom line is that this is a well-designed, scientifically sound protocol that was carried out at a major university research center by a skilled, published researcher. This was not the common observational study that is often seen when evaluating nutritional products.”
- Nicholas Messina, M.D., Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member

Results of the Study

After 8 weeks, subjects on the Isagenix System achieved:

  • 56 percent more weight loss
  • 47 percent more fat loss
  • Twice as much visceral (abdominal) fat loss
  • Better improvements in cardiovascular health markers
  • Better adherence to Isagenix Systems

Key Product Used in the Study

IsaLean Shake

IsaLean™ Shake

Improvement in coronary heart disease risk factors during an intermittent fasting/calorie restriction regimen: Relationship to adipokine modulations

“The 10-week study demonstrated clear, clinical validation for the use of an Isagenix System, which showed superior results when compared with a heart-healthy dietary plan based on nationally recognized guidelines.”
- Krista Varady, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of nutrition at UIC’s College of Applied Sciences

Skidmore College Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Study

The Study

Skidmore Study

Protein-Pacing Caloric-Restriction Enhances Body Composition Similarly in Obese Men and Women during Weight Loss and Sustains Efficacy during Long-Term Weight Maintenance

“These were very impressive findings and clearly established our protein-pacing and intermittent fasting diet regimen as an effective short- and long-term strategy to promote healthy body weight, abdominal and visceral fat mass loss as well as enhanced metabolism and cardiovascular health compared to other commonly prescribed diets.”
- Paul Arciero, Ph.D., FACSM, FTOS

Results of the Study

Key findings after 12 weeks of following the Isagenix System:

  • Men and women lost weight equally
  • Participants had the right type of weight loss (fat loss, not muscle loss)
  • 20 percent reduction in fat mass
  • 9 percent increase in lean body weight percentage
  • Cardiovascular health markers significantly improved
  • 33 percent increase in total PCBs released from fat stores
  • 25 percent decrease in oxidative stress
  • 5 percent increase in total antioxidant capacity

Key findings after 52 weeks comparing weight maintenance with an Isagenix System vs. a heart-healthy diet:

  • The Isagenix group maintained weight loss and continued to lose body fat and abdominal fat
  • The Isagenix group continued to increase lean body mass percentage
  • The Isagenix group maintained improved cardiovascular health markers
  • The heart-healthy group returned to baseline (original state) or trended toward baseline for all markers despite their lower average calorie intake
  • The ease of use and flexibility of the Isagenix System contributed to long-term compliance and success
  • 20 percent greater decrease in PCB release in the heart-healthy group compared to the Isagenix group
Skidmore Study

Comparison of High-Protein, Intermittent Fasting Low-Calorie Diet and Heart Healthy Diet for Vascular Health of the Obese

"The novel findings from this study may very well revolutionize how we prescribe weight-loss diets moving forward because of the increase in proportion of lean muscle and drastic reductions in abdominal and visceral fat mass during initial weight loss and the ability to maintain these favorable changes over the long term.”
- Paul Arciero, Ph.D., FACSM, FTOS

Key Products used in the Study

30 Day System
30 Day System
Skidmore Study

Serum Polychlorinated Biphenyls Increase and Oxidative Stress Decreases with a Protein-Pacing Caloric Restriction Diet in Obese Men and Women

“We have scientific evidence that it’s the quality of your diet that matters. Through diet, we can favorably support the detoxification process, oxidative stress levels and blood vessel health, and enhance weight loss.”
- Paul Arciero, Ph.D., FACSM, FTOS

Skidmore College Performance Women’s Study

The Study

Skidmore Study

Protein-Pacing and Multi-Component Exercise Training Improves Physical Performance Outcomes in Exercise-Trained Women: The PRISE 3 Study

“The study’s results demonstrate that receiving quality nutrition from Isagenix products can make a major difference for getting maximum return on investment from working out”
- Eric Gumpricht, Ph.D., Isagenix Manager of Research and Science

Results of the Study

Key findings after 12 weeks comparing increased protein with Isagenix product vs. lower protein intake with supermarket brands:

  • Twice the upper body muscular endurance
  • Twice the core muscular endurance
  • Five times the upper body explosive strength and power
  • Five times less arterial stiffness (measure of cardiovascular health)

Key Products used in the Study


IsaLean PRO Shake, IsaPro®, IsaLean Bar, e+™, AMPED™ Hydrate, Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack

Skidmore College Performance Men’s Study

The Study

Skidmore Study

Multi-modal exercise training and protein-pacing enhances physical performance adaptations independent of growth hormone and BDNF but may be dependent on IGF-1 in exercise-trained men

“To be honest, this was a huge risk on the part of Isagenix because the likelihood of detecting fitness and performance differences in highly trained individuals is very low.”
- Paul Arciero, Ph.D., FACSM, FTOS

Results of the Study

Key findings after 12 weeks comparing increased protein with Isagenix products vs. lower protein intake with supermarket brands:

  • Two times more upper body strength
  • 14 times more lower body explosive power
  • Four times more aerobic (cardio) power
  • Three times more lower back and hamstring muscle flexibility

Key Products used in the Study

IsaLean Pro Shake

IsaLean PRO Shake, IsaPro, IsaLean Bar, e+, AMPED Hydrate, Complete Essentials Daily Pack

Arizona State University Healthy Aging Study

The Study

Plant-Based Nutraceutical Increases Plasma Catalase Activity in Healthy Participants: A Small Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Proof of Concept Trial

"The results from our study show that Product B significantly increases circulating levels of catalase. Considering the subjects in the study were healthy and young, this outcome is remarkable.”
- Carol Johnston, Ph.D., Professor and Associate Director of the Nutrition Program in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion at ASU

Results of the Study

Key findings after taking Product B IsaGenesis daily for 12 weeks as compared to placebo:

  • 15 percent increase in the healthy aging enzyme catalase

Key Product used in the Study


Product B IsaGenesis

Isagenix Science Roundup

The news generated by scientific studies funded by Isagenix has gained some recent interest from popular media around the web. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite articles that have appeared related to results in performance and weight loss.

*The views expressed by the authors of the linked articles are not necessarily those of Isagenix.