When it comes to the type of scientific studies that are published, not all are created equal. At Isagenix, we know a good study when we see it. And a great study just came out on creatine.

The study is a highly regarded type called a “meta-analysis,” or a scientific review that pools the results from a number of studies to analyze data quantitatively.

A well-designed meta-analysis can provide valuable information for researchers, policy makers, and clinicians. This type of review is statistically stronger than the analysis of just a single study because it relies upon a greater numbers of subjects, greater diversity among subjects, and more data points. This is particularly important when it comes to active ingredients because the meta-analysis gives us a much better and comprehensive picture of the demonstrated effects of that particular ingredient.

Creatine is one ingredient that has gained immense popularity in the sports supplement industry and is widely used to increase strength performance. Why? Because creatine is the predominant source of immediate energy stored in muscle tissue. However, even with its popularity and wealth of supportive clinical evidence, there have been few meta-analyses evaluating creatine and none investigating its potential effects on upper body strength.

In the newly published meta-analysis, French researchers compiled data from a whopping 53 studies that included 563 individuals who supplemented with creatine compared with 575 control subjects. The scientists compared the effects of supplementation on upper body strength measured after exercises of less than three minutes in duration.

Study Results

The study’s primary finding was that creatine supplementation improved upper body strength, especially in the chest area. Not surprisingly, the researchers found that bench press performance responded to supplementation by increasing approximately five percent. What was surprising, however, was that the study did not report an influence of age on the performances following creatine supplementation. Similarly, the researchers found no difference in effect between genders.

So regardless of age or gender, the results suggest that anyone can benefit from enhanced strength benefits from creatine supplementation. Even a person’s level of athletic history was not a factor. Young or old, male or female, experienced athlete or novice, the study suggests that anyone can achieve greater athletic strength and performance results from taking creatine.

Most important was the ability of creatine to increase performance regardless of dose. Of the 53 studies used in the analysis 38 followed, participants consumed a maintenance dose that varied between 1.25 and 27 grams per day. The results show there is no need to megadose or load up on creatine to see a significant effect on performance.

Why Use Isagenix AMPED Power?

Isagenix AMPED™ Power was formulated specifically with a moderate and effective 3-gram dose of creatine per serving. In combination with other powerful ingredients like Nitrosigine® and citrulline, the product was developed to help raise your performance.

Now the science shows that supplementation with creatine, as in AMPED Power, can be effective independent of age,* gender, experience, or supplementation dose.

*AMPED Power is recommended for ages 16 and up.

Nitrosigine is a registered trademark of Nutrition 21, LLC and is patent protected.


Lanhers C et al. Creatine Supplementation and Upper Limb Strength Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Sports Med. 2016 Jun 21. [Epub ahead of print]