AMPED Fuel: A Runner’s Tool

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Carbohydrates are key for runners, but can often be a source of gut problems. For this reason, AMPED™ Fuel was designed to be absorbed optimally and cause little to no gastrointestinal (GI) stress. A question we commonly get is, “How does AMPED Fuel actually work to help runners?” Now we’re breaking it down for you.

Runners, You May Need More Protein

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If you’re a runner limiting your protein intake, you may be limiting your performance. A high-protein diet isn’t just for athletes who lift weights. The goal for the majority of runners is to improve running performance, whether by total distance or by time. During the recovery phase after a run, consuming the right nutrients is necessary for quicker recovery and performance gains.

Nutrient Timing of AMPED Products for Endurance

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Endurance athletes are unique in their nutritional requirements, largely due to the fact that endurance exercise requires greater amounts of fuel. Preparation comes down to ensuring you get the right amounts of carbohydrates and other supplemental nutrients at the right time. Endurance athletes also need to get adequate protein to offset muscle protein breakdown and hasten recovery.

Performance Spotlight: AMPED Fuel

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Endurance athletes rely heavily on carbohydrates to fuel their performance before and during their training. When exercising for long periods, athletes burn quickly through glycogen (stored carbs in muscle) and the sugar in their bloodstreams (1-2). Eventually fuel stores run low and athletes hit a wall, exhausting themselves while hindering their performance.