Another year has passed, and here at Isagenix Health it’s been a year of new science, new nutritional products, and new ways to educate consumers about our products.

From customization to tips on positioning the products to different groups, here are the top ten health stories of 2014 that were most popular, most influential, or should just be read before the year comes to a close:

1. What to Have For a Third Meal on Isagenix Shake Days

Isagenix Shakes Days provide a structured plan that take the guesswork out of how to eat for successful weight loss by replacing two of a day’s meals. Yet they still provide flexibility by including a balanced third meal of personal choice. Even with only having to plan one meal on Shake Days, the question of what to have for that third meal still comes up. By following general rules of thumb, a healthy and balanced third meal can easily be had each and every time.

2. Video: 8 Steps to Safe and Pure Isagenix Products 

Since its inception, Isagenix has led with a no compromise quality program that ensures safe and effective products. All raw materials as well as finished products go through vigorous testing. It’s quite a process, and the company invests a lot of money for its success, but the money and effort are more than worth it as the product quality shows.

3. Isagenix Announces New Findings on Product B

Adding to the scientific validation for Isagenix products, the results from a clinical trial involving Product B were announced at Celebration. Conducted at Arizona State University, the double-blind, placebo-controlled study found subjects taking Product B daily had a 31 percent increase in activity of catalase compared to placebo, which catalase is a very important enzyme in the protection of DNA.

4. Make Your Cleanse Day a “Shred Day”

For many body builders and fitness competitors, the thought of performing Cleanse Days may seem bonkers. But actually, Cleanse Days can be very effective for reaching stage-ready goals for body composition. Darryl Daniels, a National-level NPC Masters Physique athlete shares his protocol including Cleanse Days and pumped-up Shake Days that allowed him to bring the best body he’s ever brought to competition.

5. Talking to Doctors and Other Health Professionals about Isagenix

If there’s one thing more and more people are wondering about, its how to talk to doctors and other health professionals about Isagenix. For good reason, too, as Isagenix is a clinically-studied nutritional system that provides real benefit to health. Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member and a physician himself, Dr. Nick Messina, spoke at Celebration as part of the Science Talks where he presented on how to talk to doctors and other health professionals about Isagenix, what language to use, and how to share the science.

6. Which Whey – Concentrate, Isolate, or Hydrolysate?

For optimal satiety, muscle building, and fat burning, you need the right type of protein in the right amount at each meal. Isagenix offers both by providing at least 24 grams of protein per meal replacement shake or soup, and with whey protein. But what about the different types of whey? Each has their own distinction and possible benefit, but most important is choosing whey overall.

7. How and When to Customize Your Shake Day

For most people, following the suggested guidelines for Shake Days works very well for success. But what if someone is not having success following the provided guidelines? Indeed, there are instances when certain people may need to alter their Shake Day to increase calories. By following a step-by-step guide, people who need to customize their Shake Days can easily figure out what they need to do to ensure success.

8. Snack Science to Savor

One of the biggest launches for Isagenix in 2014 was that of Whey Thins. A crunchy, savory snack option that comes in Sour Cream & Chive as well as Barbeque, Whey Thins provide 10 grams of whey protein in convenient 100-calorie packs. Considering that snacking is becoming a normal and frequent part of everyone’s diet, Whey Thins are a welcome addition to the family of Isagenix nutritional products.

9. Isagenix Reaches Milestone with Long-Term Study (Flyer)

Exciting news for Isagenix science in 2014—a new study that looked at long-term use of Isagenix and its effect on body composition and detoxification was completed and preliminary results were shared. Isagenix Chief Science Officer Suk Cho, Ph.D. took the stage at Celebration in August with head researcher Paul Arciero, Ph.D. to share the results found at 6 months into the study, which concluded in November 2014.

10. Summer Newsletter: Gain a Winning Edge

Isagenix started as a weight loss company, but has evolved to also offer nutrition solutions for athletes, too. Whether it be whey protein that allows athletes to conveniently meet protein needs, the combination of Adaptogens and naturally-sourced caffeine that improves focus and performance, or the personalization that can be done for different athletes—Isagenix and physical activity go hand in hand.

Thanks for a great 2014 and Happy New Year from the Isagenix Research & Science team!