Does your nutrition and health company offer no compromise quality?

Isagenix does, by going above and beyond to ensure products are safe, pure, and effective—the basis of our no compromise product and ingredient policy. In fact, Isagenix spends millions of dollars on testing of raw materials, finished goods, and third-party testing each year.

Here’s the process in 8 steps:

Step one: Research and Select Raw Materials

Partnering with John Anderson, the Scientific Advisory Board, and respected universities, more than 50 scientists review scientific literature to find ingredients and amounts that are safe and support health.

Step two: Identify Sustainable Suppliers

Isagenix identifies sustainable suppliers who produce fresh ingredients that are grown and produced by nature and that meet requirements for effectiveness.

Step three: Perform Audits

Isagenix qualifies manufacturers by performing extensive audits while also relying on third-party audits to ensure quality control and safety.

Step four: Meet or Exceed Guidelines

All ingredients must meet or exceed Current Good Manufacturing Processes or what’s known as cGMPS. These are guidelines from the FDA that must be followed to guarantee raw materials and finished products are safe to consume and free of impurities. Since Isagenix is a global nutrition company, guidelines from other international regulatory boards such as Health Canada and the TGA in Australia must also be followed.

Step five: Test Raw Materials

Before being made into product, raw materials are tested for:

  • Identity– to ensure ingredients are what they should be
  • Strength– to ensure potency
  • Purity– which includes testing for microbial activity, heavy metals, and pesticides, including herbicides and fungicides
  • Organoleptic properties– meaning taste, color, odor, and texture

Step six: Send Formulas to Production

After analytic and sensory testing, formulas are sent into commercial production.

Step seven: Oversee Quality and Finished Products

Isagenix oversees finished product quality and compliance. This involves:

  • Supervision of testing methods used by manufacturers
  • Evaluation of identity, purity, strength, and composition of the final product
  • Independent third-party testing to make sure what’s on the label is actually in the product
  • And stability testing to confirm that quality of the product sustains for the length of shelf life

Step eight: Share Isagenix

Isagenix products are ready to be shared around the world.

When it comes to safety and purity, there’s no compromise with Isagenix products.