Monitoring blood sugar levels are important when using Isagenix.

Would you like to try a Cleansing and Fat Burning System with Isagenix but are concerned because you have diabetes? Worry no more, because yes, Isagenix can still be for you—you may just need to tailor the experience to your own personal health needs.

The first step you need to take is to talk with your physician or other health-care professional to be sure they approve and that your individual needs can be met. Cleansing is best done under medical supervision, but can definitely bring results and better health for anyone, including people with diabetes. Recently, we sat down with Dennis Harper, DO, and Chair of the Isagenix Science Advisory Board to ask some questions and learn from his expertise.

Q: Dr. Harper, what would you say is the most important factor that people with diabetes need to be aware of with an Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System?

Dr Harper: Blood glucose levels, most definitely. Since diabetes involves above-normal blood glucose levels, this needs to be monitored closely and may cause a patient to have to alter an Isagenix system to their individual needs. Cleanse Days may cause blood glucose levels to dip too low while Shake Days may cause levels to rise. The main goal is to stay on top of monitoring blood glucose levels so they don’t rise too high or crash too low.

Q: What are your specific recommendations for Cleanse Days?

Dr. Harper: Cleansing means consuming barely any calories, so there is potential for blood sugar levels to fall. The goal is to not let it get too low, as in below 75 since this can cause a hypoglycemic state and can be dangerous. People with diabetes may need to consume extra snacks throughout a Cleanse Day. If levels start to dip too fast, or you feel faint or dizzy, then you need to eat something to raise your glucose. I recommend a high-glycemic food like orange juice to raise your glucose levels rapidly. If glucose levels are not as low and not as rapid a rise is needed, then a quarter to one half of an IsaLean bar, a SlimCake, a FiberSnack, or maybe one or two IsaDelights will do.

Because glucose levels will naturally be low on Cleanse Days, extra care needs to be taken with the use of insulin and oral diabetic medications. I recommend to my patients that they cut their insulin and oral diabetic medications in half while on the program and adjust it accordingly. I also recommend using short-acting insulin. Patients need to consult with their doctor first though, before adjusting medication. People with type 1 diabetes can never expect to come off of insulin completely, but many people with diabetes on an Isagenix system have found that not as much insulin is needed, especially for people with type 2 diabetes, not to mention feeling better overall.

Another option for people with diabetes is to do “daily cleansing” instead of a deep cleanse. They can still benefit from the potenet herbs and botanicals in Cleanse for Life while having more flexibility in their calorie intake throughout the day.

Q: How about Shake Days?

Dr. Harper: During Shake Days, glucose levels may typically increase. This is normal, but if they rise too high there are a couple of options to level them out. One is to dilute the shakes with IsaPro, which is plain whey protein and lower in carbohydrates (or use IsaLean Pro, which is IsaLean Shake and IsaPro already mixed). Another option is to have half a shake four times a day or half a shake two times a day, depending on how many total shakes you normally have. The idea here is to consume lower amounts of carbohydrates so glucose levels stay in line. Check your levels to guide you.

Q: What results can people with diabetes expect with using an Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System?

Dr. Harper: Generally, we see a reduction of glucose levels with the Isagenix program. The main component is the weight loss that Isagenix encourages—this is huge. Weight loss can bring about more stable blood glucose levels, thus lower doses of medication may be needed. I’ve even seen some people with diabetes no longer require any type of medication after weight loss. Everyone’s outcome will be different, but the main recommendations any doctor will give, and the recommendations of the American Diabetes Association, is to reduce calories, sodium and unhealthy fat intake (unhealthy saturated and trans fats); manage portions to improve blood sugar levels; choose nutrient-dense foods that are low in added or simple sugars; eat a diet rich in fiber, fish oil omega-3 fatty acids, and lean proteins; and increase physical activity. Other than the physical activity, Isagenix has people with diabetes covered. It’s a great way to get the right amount of needed nutrition in the fewest, portion-controlled amount of calories.

Q: What else does Isagenix offer people with diabetes?

Dr. Harper: Most, if not all, of the products are great for people with diabetes. Eating a fiber-rich diet is easily done with Isagenix. SlimCakes, FiberSnacks, and FiberPro will all contribute to getting adequate fiber. FiberPro can be added to various foods—shakes, beverages, soups, or sprinkled on salads. Another useful product for individuals with diabetes is IsaOmega Supreme. People with diabetes need to take special care of the health of their heart. A well-known contributor to heart health is fish oil omega-3 fatty acids, which helps counter the effects of bad fats that produce potentially unhealthy byproducts if consumed in too high amounts. Ageless Actives contains coQ10 and vitamin D, which also contribute to a healthy heart. Even if a person with diabetes isn’t looking to lose weight, Isagenix can help.

A big issue for people with diabetes is meal planning and, as I said before, portion control. IsaLean Shakes just can’t be beat for this. High in protein, moderate in carbohydrates and fats—there is no better choice. Plus, having diabetes is linked to lower muscle mass. The high levels of protein in the shakes will contribute to increased muscle synthesis and fat loss, which will naturally normalize blood sugar levels. Again, a reduced need for diabetic medication may be the result. Another issue for people with diabetes is getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet. Fruits, more than vegetables, can be an issue though as they can cause unwanted spikes in blood sugar—causing some people with diabetes to avoid fruits altogether. This is not ideal though, as fruits are a big contributor to a healthy diet. IsaFruits is a great product to avoid spikes in blood sugar with and still get the antioxidant equivalent of more than 20 fruits. Same thing with Isagenix Greens—minimal to no effect on blood sugar and still provides the antioxidants that are so important.

Dr. Harper is chair of the Isagenix Science Advisory Board. He has been in general medical practice for 26 years and was instrumental in getting the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) implemented in 1994. Dr. Harper was a voting member of the American Osteopathic Association, former President of Physicians for Progressive Medicine, former Chairman for the Osteopathic Licensing Board for the state of Utah and was a Fellow for the Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Harper is the author of Cleansing for Life: Nature’s Best Kept Health Secret.