Everyone ages 30 and older should supplement with coQ10 to protect heart health. There is just no question because natural production of this vital heart-energizing nutrient peaks in a person’s early 20s and then biosynthesis lessens with age.

By age 60, biosynthesis has decreased by half (see graph below showing typical plasma levels of coQ10 with age) and the need for supplementation becomes more critical if a person is taking heart medications like statins that inhibit coQ10 production further.

coq as picture

With almost a quarter of the 120 million people of the Baby Boomer generation in the United States taking statin drugs, many suffer from muscle fatigue, a sign of severely depleted coQ10 levels and they don’t know it.

“CoQ10 supplementation would definitely help these individuals and it is indeed a big market,” says William Judy, Ph.D., who has been studying the nutrient for nearly 40 years and its several pathways and benefits in the body.

Not only is supplementation with coQ10 critical for the health of your heart, Dr. Judy says, but also other organs including the brain, kidneys and liver. Each need high amounts of coQ10 to function smoothly.

So, the question becomes what kind of coQ10 supplement to take? There are several to choose from on the market. But when it comes to efficacy, the biggest problem is finding a product that is efficiently absorbed into the body.

Eight Times More Absorption

Solving the problem of poor absorption of fat-soluble coQ10 is one of Dr. Judy’s greatest achievements with his development of technology to dissolve coQ10 in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and then using flaxseed oil as a stabilizer to prevent recrystallization.

“The monoglyceride in the product is the lipid-transport molecule that carries coQ10 across the intestinal absorption cells,” Dr. Judy says.

This is the technology found in Isagenix Ageless Actives, which boasts 100 milligrams of coQ10 per 2 softgels. In a comparison trial, adult subjects absorbed eight times more of the patent-pending coQ10 than dry powder where only 1 percent was absorbed.

The form of coQ10 used in Ageless Actives is ubidecarenone, or ubiquinone, a more stable form of the molecule. Other forms of coQ10 such as ubiquinol are highy unstable and are generally converted to ubiquinone in the stomach before absorption.

The dosage of coQ10 found in Ageless Actives, combined with Dr. Judy’s patent-pending absorption technology, offers potent protection against oxidative stress that could harm the integrity of cardiac tissue.

The supplement helps restore coQ10 to youthful levels and, within only a few weeks of taking Ageless Actives, coQ10 is replenished in all cells of the heart and the body leading to increased energy levels and better overall health.

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