How important is your brain to you? Its size may only represent about 3 pounds, yet its importance as an organ goes far beyond that. Although our brains control all functions of the body, most of us do too little for the health of our brains. By age 35, the majority of us will have some premature brain aging that may lead to progressive decline. Much of that decline is due to changes throughout the brain caused by several factors, among them are oxidative stress, cellular reactivity, and glycation.

In recognition of September as Healthy Aging Month, we’ve posted a webinar created by Michael Colgan, Ph.D, entitled “The Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System Presentation.” In the presentation, you’ll learn more about what happens to the brain as you age and what you can do about it. You’ll also learn about the results of a pilot clinical study on the Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System that showed significant cognitive improvement on normal healthy subjects. In only 60 days, the subjects improved memory function, brain speed, balance, and decision making.

If you’d like to learn more, click the play button below. Whatever choice you make, be sure to heed to Dr. Colgan’s advice: “Make sure to save your brain, it’s a terrible thing to waste.”

There’s also this great video, which serves as an introduction to Dr. Colgan, his research into the aging brain, and his new book, Save Your Brain: