When you want your body ready for the ultimate high-intensity workout, the right preparation can make a big difference.

You want a pre-workout stack that includes the right ingredients, comes in the right dosage, and is backed by science. AMPED™ NOx, AMPED Power, and e+™ work together to power you up before a workout. The two AMPED products and e+ each provide their own unique benefits that complement one another.

Why add the caffeinated boost from e+ to AMPED?

The energy shot has other features that go beyond just caffeine. Adaptogens in e+ offer stress-modulating natural compounds like ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) that has been studied for its effects on athletic performance.

In a recently published study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, scientists randomized 57 young male subjects to either a treatment group that received ashwagandha or a placebo (1). For eight weeks, the subjects followed the same resistance-training program and only differed in their supplementation. The study’s results showed that the group supplementing with ashwagandha experienced a significant increase in muscle and strength while seeing a decrease in body fat.

The scientists attributed ashwagandha to its effects on helping to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, but other research suggests there’s more to the plant’s properties. For example, ashwagandha may support increased creatine levels in muscle while also providing a mental boost that can give athletes an extra edge (2, 3).

In e+, you also receive rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea), eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticocus), and schizandra berry (Schisandra chinensis)—these are all Adaptogens that provide exercise benefits including improving endurance (2-5).

How should you use the three products?

Try these three products before your workout:

  • AMPED™ NOx – Take anytime before a workout.
  • AMPED Power – Take 15 to 30 minutes before your workout.
  • e+™– Take just before your workout.

Here’s how this new pre-workout stack works:

  • AMPED NOx includes vegetable-rich nitrates to support blood flow to optimize muscle efficiency and reduce fatigue.
  • AMPED Power enhances strength and power while supporting blood flow and delivering nutrients and oxygen to working muscles.
  • e+ combines special botanicals and naturally sourced caffeine to help you feel energized and mentally alert during difficult workouts.

The reason that these nutrient-rich products work so well to power your workout has everything to do with nutrient timing.

What is pre-workout nutrient timing?

Nutrient timing is the process of taking products at different times around your workout to achieve the best results. Here’s the nutrient timing breakdown for your new pre-workout stack for high-intensity training:

  • The caffeine in e+ should reach peak concentration within an hour, so it should be taken five to 10 minutes before your workout (6).
  • The Nitrosigine® and creatine in AMPED Power are easily absorbed and can last for up to three hours, so it’s best taken 15-30 minutes before your workout (7).
  • The vegetable-rich nitrates in AMPED NOx reach peak concentration two to three hours after ingestion and stay in the blood stream for up to 24 hours. You can take this product daily even if you are not working out. Doing so supports blood flow for better cardiovascular fitness over time (8).

The best approach to nutrient timing is determining what works best for you and your workout. By working all three of these products—e+, AMPED Power, and AMPED NOx—into your exercise routine, you may be able to give yourself the edge you need in the gym.

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